Can I change the currency

Yes, when on any shop page you can click ‘Filter’ at the top, from there a window should pop up from the left hand side and the top option will allow you to change the currency.

How long will delivery take?

As our products are virtual and downloadable, you will receive an email with a downloadable link almost instantly after you place your order.

I have a general question about a product

Please email shop@molly-thompson.com for all product related enquiries.

I haven’t received any email confirmations?

A lot of the time our emails end up in Junk/Spam folders, please check these folders first before contacting us about this. If you are unsure on which email you have used we can check this for you and we can resend emails if you have accidentally deleted or lost them.

Not answered your question?

If you are having any issues or need a question answering that isn’t listed on this page, feel free to contact us on Instagram or email us at shop@molly-thompson.com.